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4th Grade:
Inside + Outside Masks


Our goal with our paper-mache mask's was to observe identity forming on both an external and intern level. Our 4th graders were tasked with building a series of symbols and shapes that based on how they thought of themselves as well as how others perceived them. These symbols would eventually become the designs and constructed elements that made their masks unique to them. 


Developing Personal Symbols

As a class we explored art synectics, color theory and association, and designed personal lexicons of shapes using the feedback and input of our peers. We studied the likes of Kandinsky for this to convey specific emotions and qualities through abstracted forms. 



Students exercised personal responsibility experimenting with paper mache, a first for many of them. They were encouraged to incorporate additional components in the construction of the 3-D forms that corresponded to that of their symbol mapping. Their final step was to incorporate the 2-D shapes onto their 3-D objects with tempera and draw out a key to describe the many levels of their personalities 

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