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Educators Approach:

Part of my practice has always been focused on growth. Whether that's something I'm well-versed in or something brand new doesn't matter, I just really love that push into new territory. Art is great for that, in that one can take what is learned in one area and see how it applies in another field, creative or otherwise. 

I see creative endeavors as a means of communication. As an educator my approach is to handle the act of making as such, viewing the arts as a language and a literacy that we can use as a tool to apply in areas outside galleries. I think of it as the "making" in the term "making sense". We live in a time that doesn't necessarily require gallery artists as much as it does creative thinkers, seekers, and visionaries. 

I put emphasis on student-centered learning, finding applicable ways to source modern content that reflects the multiculturalism of our time. That also involves finding inclusive points of accessibility on a student-to-student basis and adapting lessons to fit a broader range of ability and interest. Part of this practice is to focus on experimentation, embracing mistake-making, play, and curiosity as a means of growth and observation of the world. I trust those who can wield their gifts gracefully, thoughtfully, and precisely will find success in all they do. 

In my own work I am most comfortable with a full range of 2-D media with an emphasis on drafting. I believe drawing opens up a wide range of options as far as developing visual language and is one of the primary access points for any creator. It is of course not the only means of expression but I do find it to be a skill that opens many doors. Illustration stresses the importance of design, storytelling, and above all an authentic and distinguishable personal visual style, which are qualities I tend to look for in quality work of all media. 

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